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Men’s Guide to Applying Cologne

Today men are concerned with their styles than a decade ago, men are creating their own unique identity that set them apart, one way they are doing this is by selecting and using a particular fragrance which they associate with and can be used to identify them, but a good number of them are struggling with proper cologne application leading to misuse or fail to achieve the intended purposes. Men need to understand that learning how to effectively apply cologne is an art and science that a person master gradually over time, therefore, you should not be discouraged if you are starting and you feel like you are misusing your cologne or the scent is fading rather quickly, with time you will get it right. To make it easy for you to master the skill of cologne application this article has outlined some ideas you can use, so continue reading.

One thing is clear, only a few men know how to choose the right cologne and apply effectively apply it, studies have indicated that only 36 percent of men have a signature scent that they can associate with, the low number is ascribed to inadequate information regarding men’s cologne and their proper applications.

The first step to efficiently applying cologne is knowing the ideal distance from your body to hold the cologne spray bottle, to avoid under or over application it is recommended you hold the bottle 3 to 6 inches away from your body, if you hold it too close you will experience wet cologne spray on your clothes and too far it will evaporate into the air leading to misuse consequently under the application.

You need to make sure the scent of your cologne does remain strong throughout the day, therefore you should reapply when you feel the fragrance is fading, keep a good and ideal scent is important because it leaves an outstanding impression and gives you a confident look, you need to know that a nice scent is not only effective in dating scenes it creates a positive impression and demonstrates your importance in an official capacity as well.

To ensure your cologne scent remain intact for a long time make sure you target the heated areas of your body such as the inner elbow, pulse points, and neck, the body heat allows the spry to diffuse fast, and the scent rhyme with your body chemistry pretty fast an important feature in developing your scent signature. You need to understand that you do not have to apply to all mentioned spots, a few areas are enough especially if you are using a strong cologne. Those are some ideas men can use to appropriately apply their cologne.

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